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seriously, I can’t cope with how gorgeous Matt Smith is!! 💋😍❤️

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Matt & David were fabulous together in the 50th Anniversary Special ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ ❤️❤️

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the doctor in his tardis off to see the world


the doctor in his tardis off to see the world

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Which will you be, Doctor?

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But the Memory Remains // Katherine & The Doctor


Katherine watched the Doctor as he interacted with the screens. She was hoping to go to college for pharmacy so she thought that she would be able to understand some of the terms, but everything was in loopy and really weird looking circles. As art, it would be nice, but as someone that was helping her with a medical situation, it was less than a comfort.

She frowned when he spoke. “I just feel asleep watching a movie and had a weird dream. That’s all I remember,” she told him honestly. She gave another small cough, but it didn’t start another coughing fit. She chewed on her dry lips. If she could leave whenever she wanted then she clearly wasn’t too bad off. If she was at a death’s door, he wouldn’t let her leave at all. “Can you… can you tell me anything?” she asked him. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay or not. Her family must be worried.

The Doctor nodded.  He wasn’t sure if her vague memory was part of being infected or how her mind was trying to protect itself.  ”Well, I can tell you a great many things.  Let’s see,” he said giving her a smile.  ”Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness Monster?  I met her once, she’s very nice.  Not a monster per se just an alien that was taken to the Loch.  She lives there now. Every so often I go to the shores of the Loch and give a whistle to see how she’s doing.  She’s a cheeky one though always poking her head up and getting her picture taken.”

He gave her a sad smile.  ”You’ve been through something very terrible.  You’re going to start remembering things.  I want to help you because that’s what I do.  I help people or I try.”  He filled up her glass of water.  ”It might be a good idea if you tell me about your dream.”